C Library

<cassert> (assert.h) C Diagnostics Library (header)
<cctype> (ctype.h) Character handling functions (header)
<cerrno> (errno.h) C Errors (header)
<cfenv> (fenv.h) Floating-point environment (header)
<cfloat> (float.h) Characteristics of floating-point types (header)
<cinttypes> (inttypes.h) C integer types (header)
<ciso646> (iso646.h) ISO 646 Alternative operator spellings (header)
<climits> (limits.h) Sizes of integral types (header)
<clocale> (locale.h) C localization library (header)
<cmath> (math.h) C numerics library (header)
<csetjmp> (setjmp.h) Non local jumps (header)
<csignal> (signal.h) C library to handle signals (header)
<cstdarg> (stdarg.h) Variable arguments handling (header)
<cstdbool> (stdbool.h) Boolean type (header)
<cstddef> (stddef.h) C Standard definitions (header)
<cstdint> (stdint.h) Integer types (header)
<cstdio> (stdio.h) C library to perform Input/Output operations (header)
<cstdlib> (stdlib.h) C Standard General Utilities Library (header)
<cstring> (string.h) C Strings (header)
<ctgmath> (tgmath.h) Type-generic math (header)
<ctime> (time.h) C Time Library (header)
<cuchar> (uchar.h) Unicode characters (header)
<cwchar> (wchar.h) Wide characters (header)
<cwctype> (wctype.h) Wide character type (header)